Don't like to post on Social Media? We can assist!

No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to get that post in on time, and there goes another day of silence on the social media side of your business. You're hip, you're in-the-know of things, but if your potential clients see how long ago you posted last, they might get the impression that something is wrong with your business. Sandra Dee Adamack can help you look consistent, interesting, even charming and chatty online. Whatever the vibe, we can help.

Small Business Social Media Management

A Support System that Consistently Posts & Engages

Consistency is rewarded by a more engaged following, and that's important for every self-employed business owner who juggles sales, marketing, appointment setting, customer service, CEO, and accounting all wrapped into day-to-day entrepreneur lives.

Our Social Media Strategy is built around your needs, to say what's on your mind, to talk in your voice, to be consistent, and show your customers a stable "look, feel and sound" that is recognizable. We break it down into 3 steps: discussion, exploration, and planning. With these 3 steps in place, the cohesive posting schedules, nurturing followers, and responding and engaging with your audience changes entrepreneurs into proud platform owners even though they have little time to dedicate to their social media business activity.

Let us create recognizable branded online media that showcases your local presence, setting you apart from your competitors. When you know who your are, your followers understand your message, they get to know who you are. Have you put off polishing up your brand? Has time got in the way of cleaning up your online messaging? Does one social media account say a message, and another account says a different unclear message? Sandra Dee Adamack can help with bringing clarity to your Brand. 

$360+ CAD | 1 Platform | 1-Month
$1,000+ CAD | 1 Platform | 3-Months
$2,000+ CAD | 1 Platform | 6-Months
$4,000+ CAD | 1 Platform | 1-Year

La Mini Brand Kit

$299+ CAD | Colors+Fonts+Styles

Colors that describe, fonts that embellish, and styles that show who you are ... tie together to create your brand. This mini kit assists in creating social media posts, site content, and ads that make sense for small business.

Personal Branding

$499+ CAD | Half-Day Session

Personal Brand Photography for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. Capturing your true self within your personal work environment or among your business products in our private White Rock studio

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